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SW-3503 Male Sexual Dysfunction Therapeutic Apparatus
Male Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Device with FDA approved

SW-3503 Male Sexual Dysfunction Therapeutic Apparatus

1) Apparatus Introduction

SW-3503 is a new type of non-invasive and non-traumatic high-tech therapeutic apparatus with the combination of modern digital technology and science principle of channels and collaterals of traditional Chinese medical science. It applies extra corporeal therapy to user which is safe, painless, and non-dependent. And it has many physiological therapeutic techniques, such as electro low frequency stimulation, negative pressure suction, pneumatic massage, water massage, strong current stimulation and medicated fluid bath.

 2) Applicable Range

Widely used in treatment for

1)male sexual dysfunction:Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation obstacles, sexuality barriers, defective ejaculation, minor-penis, delayed puberty of male teenagers, and sexual function degeneration of the middle and old male.

2)Prostate Disease: Prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate pain syndrome 

 3)Apparatus Features

In addition to the characteristics of Small Dolphin, the human adjuvant treatment systems with dual-band of sound and video can provide beautiful image and sound effect of high-quality, and create a comfortable therapeutic atmosphere, which is not only effective to eliminate patients’ psychological stress, but also conducive to treatment and rehabilitation.

4) Therapeutic Functions

Low-frequency electric pulse stimulation

Vacuum negative pressure suction

Pneumatic massage

Water massage 

Bubble massage

Strong current stimulation

Medical Bath Therapy

5) Technical Parameters

Model of low-frequency electric pulse stimulation: 7 kinds

Time control: 0-99 minutes continuously adjustable, one minute of one step

Output pressure: 1-40Kpa continuously adjustable

Massage frequency: 0.6-1.5 Hz


6) Standard Configuration

Main unit;Electric line;Electrode;Negative pressure cylinder;

Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SANWE
Model Number: SW-3503
Type: Other
color: blue and gray
MOQ: 1 unit
Package: 100x77x67CM
consumables: disposable electrodes
Certificate: FDA, ISO9001,ISO13485
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