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Water Cube PE Therapy System
Brand : Sanwe Product origin : Xuzhou,China Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

Premature (PE) is the most common sexual dysfunction in men, with a prevalence of 20%-30%. It is characterized by short ejaculation latency, poor ability to control ejaculation, and low sexual satisfaction. PE patients have great psychological pressure, which directly damages men’s self-esteem so that affecting couples’ feelings and harming family stability. The Water Cube PE therapy system adopts international first-line therapy to integrate multiple treatments into one, which is more scientific and safer to solve the problem of male premature ejaculation.


(1) China’s first equipment for premature ejaculation treatment.

(2) The first PE treatment device certified by CFDA.

(3) Eight major technologies to solve psychological PE and organic PE.

(4) The concept of hospitals and factories joint treatment to make up for the difference in treatment time.

(5) New consumable design, optoelectronic consumable design makes patients more intuitive treatment experience.

(6) Fill the gap in professional premature ejaculation treatment equipment and reduce the risk of surgical treatment of premature ejaculation.

(7) The new technology sense design is conducive to hospital charges.


  1. Semans Technology

New 4D stimulation channel and layered stimulation stretches the penis muscles under traction. The thermostatic control technology controls the temperature between 35-40 °C to maximize the female vaginal temperature environment. The space is three-dimensionally wrapped around the penis, imitating the female vaginal twitching, stimulating the penis, until it can receive a lot of stimulation, to achieve the purpose of simulation training.

2. Dragon Ball Impact Technology

Under the action of dynamic waves, the speed and intensity of the Dragon Ball are self-adjusting. The Dragon Ball impacts the vibration and rolling friction on the penile ligament and the upper and lower sides of the coronal sulcus on the other side of the penis, stimulating the penile sensory nerve and inducing the nerve sensitivity, increasing the ejaculation threshold.

3. VR Technology

Incorporating VR 3D stereo sensory stimulation technology, simulating the real sexual intercourse environment, giving patients mental and psychological all-round stimulation treatment training, re-establishing ejaculation conditioning of patients with psychological premature ejaculation, establishing patient confidence, thus curing psychological premature ejaculation.

4. PE Temperature Control Technology

The water cube treatment device can simulate the vaginal temperature, or alternately stimulate the blood vessels to shrink, thereby increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels and the tolerance to stimuli, improving the blood circulation and nutritional status of the body, and causing metabolites and Pain factors, inflammatory mesons, and undesirable components that form atherosclerotic plaques that are easily deposited on the vessel wall and intima are excreted with blood perfusion.

5. MUSE Transurethral Drug Delivery Technology

The drug is injected through the water cubic cavity, and the drug is self-filled into the urethra under the 3D pressure of the water cube, which solves the pain of the original urethral drug perfusion, and combines PGE1 (formuladiels) with an alpha blocker such as Prazosin. A smooth muscle relaxant that expands the arteries and increases the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Both smooth muscle relaxation and arterial dilation can fill the cavernous sinus with blood, limiting blood flow and restoring penis vitality.

6. Psychological Intervention Treatment Mode

Implementation: Adopt the internationally accepted IIEF test questionnaire to confirm the objective state of the user and give certain positive treatment guidance.

7. Behavioral Therapy

Explain the relevant knowledge of sexual life to patients during the treatment process, and teach patients how to control ejaculation by stopping, distracting, etc.

8. Hospitals and Factories Joint Treatment Mode

Carrying a self-service PE therapy device to carry around to compensate for the intermittent difference in hospital treatment


Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

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