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Sanwe Medical's First Live Broadcast was Successfully Held

2020-05-22 10:22:26

At 15:00 on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the first live broadcast  of  "The online sharing and exchange of MAPTAG Andrological Comprehensive Solution" organized by Sanwe Medical was held as scheduled. Zhang yanbin, director of the department of andrology of the Second People's hospital of Hefei city, Anhui province, and Wang wei, deputy director, are invited to share their opinion about how to cure the male sexual dysfunction problem. This online lecture  focuses on the discussion of several issues concerned by the majority of men and male doctors.

As the director of the urology department of the Second People's Hospital of Hefei and the director of the clinical training base of MAPTAG, Zhang yanbin first expressed his expectation and affirmation for the live broadcast, and hoped that everyone could have more offline communication opportunities.

Wang wei, deputy director of the online lecture, discussed the problem of premature male ejaculation in various aspects:

What is premature ejaculation? How to decide oneself is premature ejaculation?


How many people suffer from premature ejaculation in China?


What is the current status of premature ejaculation treatment in China?


What causes premature ejaculation and exacerbation?


How to target the treatment of premature ejaculation disease?


What drugs and equipment are used in the treatment of premature ejaculation?

Director Wang's speech was full of details and examples, which made the speech more impressive. This is also a summary of the experience of Hefei Second People's Hospital in clinical practice as the clinical training base of maputeg urology department.

After Mr. Wang's PPT speech, he invited the audience to ask some questions. During the questioning and the preparation of director Wang, the host gave a brief introduction to the PE therapeutic apparatus mentioned in director Wang's speech.

PE therapeutic instrument has five functional features:

1.PE Temperature Control Technology

The water cube treatment device can simulate the vaginal temperature, or alternately stimulate the blood vessels to shrink, thereby increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels and the tolerance to stimuli, improving the blood circulation and nutritional status of the body, and causing metabolites and Pain factors, inflammatory mesons, and undesirable components that form atherosclerotic plaques that are easily deposited on the vessel wall and intima are excreted with blood perfusion.

2.Semans Technology

New 4D stimulation channel and layered stimulation stretches the penis muscles under traction. The thermostatic control technology controls the temperature between 35-40 °C to maximize the female vaginal temperature environment. The space is three-dimensionally wrapped around the penis, imitating the female vaginal twitching, stimulating the penis, until it can receive a lot of stimulation, to achieve the purpose of simulation training.

3.Low-frequency electric pulse stimulation

According to traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, the instrument can stimulate sex-related and prostate-related acupoints of people, adjust function of brain cortex, active spinal central system, speed up the penis nerve conduction velocity, strengthen the contraction capacity of glands, and effect the treatment of ejaculation obstacles, erectile dysfunction, prostate disease and the improvement of the secondary development of sexual organs

4.Dragon Ball Impact Technology

Under the action of dynamic waves, the speed and intensity of the Dragon Ball are self-adjusting. The Dragon Ball impacts the vibration and rolling friction on the penile ligament and the upper and lower sides of the coronal sulcus on the other side of the penis, stimulating the penile sensory nerve and inducing the nerve sensitivity, increasing the ejaculation threshold.

5.VR Technology

Incorporating VR 3D stereo sensory stimulation technology, simulating the real sexual intercourse environment, giving patients mental and psychological all-round stimulation treatment training, re-establishing ejaculation conditioning of patients with psychological premature ejaculation, establishing patient confidence, thus curing psychological premature ejaculation.

Sanwe Medical not only has a hospital version of the male sexual function rehabilitation treatment equipment, but also for the consideration of patients, launched a home version, for the convenience of patients in the doctor's guidance at home for treatment.