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Mini Home Use Prostate Treatment Apparatus
Brand : Sanwe Product origin : Xuzhou,China Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

1.Applicable Symptoms

Prostatitis,benign prostatic hyperplasia with prostatitis,seminal vesiculitis, prostatalgia,etc


2.Therapeutic Principle
Its function is integrated by thermotherapy, the simulation of human finger massage, magnetic therapy(magnetostatic+kino-magnetic),by the adoption of curve feeler consistent with human physiological functions directly treated on prostatosis focus per rectum.


3.Product Functions
This instrument possesses three functions,you can deliberately choose one or the synthetic functions.

1.Thermotherapy function:the temperature of the therapeutic tip can be continuously regulated from 37C-50C;

2.Revolving magnetic therapeutic function:the combination of this function(called invivo kino-magnetic function)and the synergistic magnetic block on 1/3 infra-pubic symphysis(called invitro magnetostatic function)concomitantly effect on prostate gland;(Type SW-3901 invitro magnetostatic is the optional carcase)

3.Simulation of finger massage function:the intensity of massage can be modulated.(Class 0-4)


4.Technical Parameters
Power supply:AC 220V±22V, 50HZ±1 HZ

Power consumption:≤20W

Massage the frequency: ≥1000turn/min(can regulate)

Remanence intensity:≥80mT

Temperature control:37-50℃

Continuous Time limitation:0-60min


5.Contraindication and adverse reaction
Adverse reaction: Some individual patients may experience changes in physical feature and fecal frequency during the treatment, which will disappear by the end of the treatment.

Contraindication: It is prohibited to use with patients suffering from hemorrhoid in the period of onset and from prostatic cancer.


One-year free repair and permanent maintenance.The cost price accounts for function expansion of the product.


Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

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