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All In One Semen Analysis System
Brand : Sanwe Product origin : Xuzhou,China Delivery time : 3-5 working days after payment Supply capacity : 20 sets per week

Apparatus Features

1.Humanity design,superior performance and high safety.

2.It can filter out various impurities different from sperm to ensure the accuracy of examination.

3. No damage examination sample, not only ensure sperm natural movement state but also the monolayer sampling.

4.Store all the data, dynamic and static images of patients’ sperm examination in digital way; For patients with all the data sperm check and dynamic and static images stored in digital way; It can undertake various query, modify, statistics and print inspection report; And it is ready for networking all the time for resources sharing

5. Advanced morphology analysis software, clear color locus diagram

6.It can be connected with the PACS to store and transfer the data,shring the patients record sources.


Apparatus Introduction

It is a high-tech intelligent product with the latest computer image processing analysis technology and advanced artificial intelligence technology used in modern reproductive medicine. It has automatic identification and automatic tracking sperm trajectory functions, which make it able to quickly and automatically complete multi parameters analysis accord with international standards WHO. It realizes the comprehensive quantitative analysis of sperm activity and static characteristics and applies to clinical semen test so as to provide an important scientific basis for inspection of male fertility.


Examination Items

1.Sperm density、 Sperm activity rate、Sperm trajectory、 Sperm motility distribution

2.Average curvilinear motion speed total sperm of curvilinear motion  Total motile sperm of curve motion  Motility rate of curvilinear motion;

3.Average linear movement speed total sperm of linear motion  Total motile sperm of linear motion  Motility rate of linear motion;

4. Average path speed total sperm of average path  Total sperm of mean motion  Mean motion sperm motility rate;

5. Sperm movement speed classification: grade a rapid forward motility rate , grade b slow forward motility rate, grade c non-forward movement rate, grade d extremely slow or immobility rate;

6.Sperm side swing value of sperm swing  Sperm whipped frequency  Linear motion rate  Total sperm;

7.Linear speed  Sperm average moving angle linear motion sperm


Technical Parameters

1. Most number of sperm(number): 1000

2.Examination speed range(μm/s)0-180

3.Number of image collection unlimited(frame)

4.Grain diameter resolution(μm)adjustable

5.Time of collection and analysis(second)1-5 or longer

6.Group of image collection(group)unlimited

7.Applicable microscope objective lens magnification:10x.20x.40x.100x.

Sperm detection system shows no less than:

1)Sperm static distribution,

2)The characteristics data of semen, the analysis statistical data of each main performance,

3)Sperm dynamic trajectory diagram,

4)Display all kinds of sperm velocity, and vitality hierarchical graph,

5)Medical records management information such as patient’s name and so on;

Sperm detection system for the print content not less than:

1)Main technical data of sperm

2)Sperm dynamic trajectory diagram

3)Analyze and judge histogram

4)Medical records management information such as patient’s name and so on.


Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 working days after payment

Supply capacity : 20 sets per week

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