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Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Apparatus
Brand : Sanwe Product origin : Xuzhou,China Delivery time : 3-5 working days after payment Supply capacity : 20 sets per week

1.Apparatus Features

1) Reasonable function set, simple and convenient to operate

2) Low frequency electric pulse stimulation and vacuum negative pressure suction can be operated simultaneously or separately

3) Effective in preventing cross-infection:

a) Stimulating electrode and vacuum tube are disposable.

b) Unidirectional water emission

4) 7 kinds of adjustable pulse mode


2.Application Range

Widely used in treatment for

1)Male sexual dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation obstacles, sexuality barriers, defective ejaculation, minor-penis, delayed puberty of male teenagers, and sexual function degeneration of the middle and old male.

2)Prostate disease: prostatitis,prostatic hyperplasia ,prostate pain syndrome.


3.Therapeutic Functions

Low-frequency electric pulse stimulation

According to traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, the instrument can stimulate sex-related and prostate-related acupoints of people, adjust function of brain cortex, active spinal central system, speed up the penis nerve conduction velocity, strengthen the contraction capacity of glands, and effect the treatment of ejaculation obstacles, erectile dysfunction, prostate disease and the improvement of the secondary development of sexual organs.

Vacuum negative pressure suction/Pneumatic massage

The vacuum attraction acts upon penis that can promote arterial vasodilatation of penis and the circulation, improve and balance the level of testosterone secretion, activate erectile nerves, increase blood volume of penis cavernosum and  albuginea’s thickness, improve the fibrous tissue of penis root, so that enlarges penis, make erection lasting and strong. At the same time, under the effect of vacuum attraction, it can activate blood stasis, force prostate gland duct to open passively, suck glandular inflammatory secretions and metabolites out, so as to alleviate stress of prostate body, make blood circulation smooth and glandular recover to be normal.


Water massage / Bubble massage / Strong current stimulation

Fluid auto-infusion system can help patients accept water massage and medical bath therapy. With negative pressure, water or liquid medicine can massage penis repeatedly, so the instrument can strengthen the activity of penile skin cells and accelerate the decomposition of drug ion and absorption of cells to drug-ion. Drug soaks penis, which make cavernous body adequately nourished and accelerate sexual function rehabilitation.


4.Technical Parameters

1.Electric frequency therapy mode:1- 7 therapy modes;

2. Time control scope: The range of 0—50 min is adjustable.

3.When the open circuit at the output end of instrument is 10 min or the short circuit at that is 5 min, its performance is not reduced.

4.When the short circuit of this circuit is 5s, the open circuit of that is 15s, the output is closed for 10 min and this operation is repeated 10 times during maximum output, the instrument is operated in good order.

5.When the instrument resumes after broken circuit, it is without output;

6.While measuring in open circuit condition, the peak value of output voltage of the instrument is not greater than 500 V;

7. Maximum output negative pressure: 0~0.04Mpa is adjustable.

8.Negative pressure attraction frequency(massage frequency): 0.6—1.5Hz;

9.Input power: 200VA.

10.Size: 550mm×580mm×770mm

11.Weight: about 40Kg


5.Delivery detail

1).The products can be shipped by air or sea for you;

2).The products are supplied with standard export package;

3).No matter what delivery way, all depends on your actual requirements.


6.Our advantage

1).Top Quality:Strict quality control system is supplied before shipment;

2).Excellent Service:Clients are treated as friend and quick response within 24 hours will be supplied;

3).OEM Accepted: Your logo can be added on the products;

4).Competitive Price:We always ensure high price performance to benefit our customers;
5).Timely Delivery:Normally the order shall be delivered 3-5 working day after payment.


7.Our Service

1).Per all your inquires about our products, you will be replied in detail within 24 hours;

2).Our professional team have professional attitude to recommend and supply the products and services with good quality and competitive price;

3).Our products have various type and  function, We will recommend the suitable one to you according to your requirements ;

4). We offer OEM services. We can print your own logo on the product.

5). We have very experienced engineers, can help you better use our product.


Your satisfaction is our duty!It will be our great honor to serve you.We do hope we can offer you more help in medical field and build


Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 working days after payment

Supply capacity : 20 sets per week

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