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Home Use Male Sexual Dysfunction Rehabilitation And Therapeutic Apparatus
Brand : Sanwe Product origin : Jiangsu China Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment Supply capacity : 500 sets per month

1. Low Frequency Electric Pulse Stimulation:

Dilate blood vessels, improve blood supply, ablate atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promote thrombolysis; activate neuronal cells, enhance mitochondrial aerobic oxidation, and increase biological enzyme activity.


2. Vacuum Negative Pressure Suction

The negative pressure suction device acts on the male external reproductive organs, promotes the dilatation of the penile blood vessels, activates the blood circulation of the organs, and promotes the congestion of the corpus cavernosum. Regular use can change the physiological and biochemical functions of the penile vascular endothelial cells and affect the expression of cytokines and vasoactive activities of endothelial cells. Factor that induces endothelial cells to produce NO, thereby improving erectile dysfunction.


The advantages of vacuum negative pressure suction therapy for erectile dysfunction include:

1) Functional impotence, organic impotence, mixed impotence, libido, premature ejaculation, penile shortness, adolescent sexual development retardation and middle-aged and elderly performance disorders have curative effects.

2) Non-invasive treatment, no damage to the patient

3) Relatively reduced complications

4) No limit on the number of uses


3. Pneumatic Massage

Through the alternating action of the vacuum negative pressure attraction, the blood repeatedly irritates in the penile artery and the cavernous body, and the capillary permeability in the cavernous body is enhanced, the cell tolerance is increased, the dormant cells are activated, the damaged or occluded blood vessels in the penis are repaired and unblocked.


4. Strong water flow stimulation

Under the action of vacuum negative pressure attraction, the strong water flow repeatedly rubs against the glans of the penis to reduce the excitability of the nerve endings, passivate the glans of the penis, the coronary sulcus, the surface nerve of the penis, and regulate the nerve center to reduce Sexual nerve sensitivity, improve the ejaculation threshold, to achieve the purpose of treating premature ejaculation.


5. Water Massage

The automatic liquid injection system facilitates the patient to achieve hydrodynamic massage, and the water repeatedly massages the penis using vacuum negative pressure attraction to strengthen the activity of the epidermal developmental cells of the penis, to achieve the purpose of accelerating functional rehabilitation.



Product Name

Male Sexual Dysfunction Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Apparatus



Product Model




Host Voltage DC24V Material ABC & PC
Charger input voltage AC220V 50HZ size & diameter 26cm*29.6cm
Charger output voltage DC25.2V 500mA










lithium battery DC24V (Max Capacity 2500mAH)
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